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I teach people how to feel safe in their body and  experience its full aliveness.

Somatic Trauma Recovery | Body Literacy | Movement
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I hold that healing is learning to meet all of our problems, symptoms, and ailments as genuine efforts from our body to guide us home. To meet ourselves with the knowing that we are not broken, that we do not need fixing.

I hold that healing is a relationship of turning towards your body with curiosity to learn all the ways it learnt to protect itself from what feels unfamiliar and too big to feel. A practice of trading self-improvement for reverence and compassion towards the parts of ourselves we long made wrong, hid, and rejected.

Moment to moment.

In it you start to cultivate the capacity to choose differently. To soften in the face of the unknown. To call into question the aspects of your life that are out of balance, not yours, and out of integrity.

Here is where you lean into the possibility of who you would be without the story you’ve long told yourself.  

Meeting your body, your whole self, in this way is an act of courage. May you also make it light, playful, and full of compassion. 

And may you know for certain that through it all, you are not alone. 

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I choose to see the magic in you.
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