A little bit about me.

My name is Zeena, and I teach people how to feel and listen to their body.

I'm a Somatic Practitioner, Trauma Educator, and Writer. What I offer is a space of holding and teaching that has you reclaim the self-compassion and sensing capacity required to feel and liberate what your body holds in trauma and stories, so that you come out on the other side with greater access to aliveness, presence, and peace. 

My story follows no real crescendo. No aha moment. It is simply a story of slow and steady reclamation. A story of reunion with my body, welcoming back all the parts of me I’ve put into exile. 

It is a story whose instigator was a pervasive and lingering desire to belong. To be seen and held in the presence of genuine acceptance. To meet myself untamed. To feel the healing medicine of love and play. Two things that felt the most foreign for a very long time.  


Somewhere along the way, before I had the language or somatic knowledge, I made a choice and that choice was one where I would  come back to meet myself, again and again. To be a student of my own experience. 

I found myself too often in a space of utter confusion.  The rift between who I am and who I had to be to survive. The rift between who I was and who I was yet to become. And so I learnt over and over again to sit in the fertile space of confusion. Slowly cultivating over time unwavering trust in myself and my body to always know. When I learnt to find that which I sought on the outside within, that’s when I began to walk the way home to myself. Restoring my confidence in the impossible. 

I’ve learnt how to parent myself to originality with love and compassion. I learnt to give myself the love, nurturance, and unwavering acceptance I longed for. I reunited with my body in a way that is devotional. Offering the kind of support that allows one to weather any storm. Trusting that it has infinite capacity to heal. All it needed from me was the willingness to listen. 

I learnt through it all to open my heart no matter how tempting it is to close. I learnt to never be too prideful to apologize, to take accountability, to love harder. I learnt to choose myself and disagree with grace and compassion. I learnt and yet I am still learning. 

It is this that I come here to offer. A way of meeting yourself with the unwavering trust that you’ve got you. That your body is always working for you. Healing, repairing, balancing, for you and never against you.  It’s not that I have become painless and fearless, but rather it’s that I learnt a way of being where you welcome your whole self. Where you always have access to choice. Where you first become that which you long for. Where your traumas are gifts you meet with respect and compassion. Where pleasure is part of the journey. Where healing is one layer of your story not the whole book. Where together is better than alone.

I learnt that little is as powerful as seeing yourself in the mirror of another. I learnt that healing is as much about making space for what is difficult, as it is about making space for what is pleasurable. 

In learning this, I now flow through life with the rooted knowing that my body can hold me through it all. That I can both fall in love with life, and take the risk of fully living it.  

Welcome to our space, mine and yours, may you know for certain you are not alone.

Work with me



I thought a lot about this section, and the conditioning I have around the validation it extends. What matters to me most is my willingness to center vulnerability for myself first. That’s the most important school I can perhaps attend, and offer with integrity. The one of a lived and embodied experience.

Learning new things enlivens me, and the amount of time I spend doing it in this space of self-inquiry is what got me here in the first place. I think we all have an innate gift to offer, getting to it is nothing but a process of unlearning the ways we thought we weren’t worthy or valuable enough to do so.

Perhaps one day I will render this section unnecessary, and that’s on me to work through. For now, I mention some of the shoulders of giants I stood on to get here.