A curated library of life-changing body literacy teachings and practices in so that you can relate to your body with curiosity and understanding instead of fear. Anchoring you in the possibility and healing capacity already within you.

This collection is harvested from my time with clients and trainings in the world of Polyvagal Theory, Childhood Trauma, Somatic Experiencing, and Embodiment.

I hope it empowers you with the knowledge and peace that comes when you start relating to your body with unwavering trust that it makes no mistakes.


The Foundations of Trauma & The Nervous System

This masterclass will teach you the difference between nervous system responses, and equip you with practices on how to relate to them, notice and feel them so that you start mapping your way back into safety and balance.


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The Language Of The Body

Dive into the language of sensations, tracing its journey to emotions, meaning, and adaptation. Learn tools to separate your somatic experience from what you're making it mean about you, and build resilience to be with the experience in your body.

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