Raw musings and embodied truths along the way.


Writing is where I first began to untangle my expression. It will always be the dojo where I come to sit in honest and raw reflection of myself, the journey, and the world I want to build.

Take these words as mere perspective. Something to think about that can only be validated through your own lived experience. An invitation to go out and feel these words into existence

The thing about advice behaviour mirror work Jan 14, 2024

How do you write an article about unsolicited advice without it being unsolicited advice? Got to love the irony.

At a recent training there was this listening exercise we had to do in dyads. Taking...

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Yet another article on mirrors mirror work parts work Jan 14, 2024

Mirror work as I have humbly come to understand it is simply seeing life as reflecting back to us parts of ourselves calling for our attention. As above, so below.  Now before I get into...

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